What is it?

theSPACE is located in an old piano factory. It's used as an art studio, which both leaves traces behind and at the same time make the site unique. theSPACE is divided in 2 parts: the main area and the storage room.

The main area is the event room. It contains the entrance space (20 m2) and an open kitchen. The storage room is used by the artist. If needed, it could be converted into a seperate catering area. There is one bathroom (not handicap friendly).

The elevator works Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (non negotiable)
Elevator size: 2.20 m (height) x 1 m (depth) x 1.55 m (width)
Elevator door size: 1.90 m (height) x 85 cm (width)

Floor area: 160 m2
70 people for dining
180 people for a cocktail reception